A Brotherhood that Creates the
Confidence to Conquer
With knowledge there is power. You will learn basic concepts that will scorch fat, rip muscles, empower self-defense and improve confidence.
Muscle scorches fat and to build muscle you will get nutrition plans, supplementation methods, exercise plans specific to your needs, and accountability to Keep You Motivated and On Track.
When your mind and body are right, you are ready to test yourself in one of our Alpha Events. Prepare to be challenged and have the time of your life.
Experience a Total Change of Heart, Mind and Body.

Tactical Training:
Learn to Perform & Protect Under Pressure.

Life Skills: Self Defense, Nutrition, Fitness, Marriage & Business.

Become Unstoppably Fit: Learn to Build Lean Muscle and Lose Fat.

Eat Like A Man:
Get Menus Crafted to Eat Great & Fuel Muscle.
You weren’t built to be sedentary, to be weak, to be passive, to be useless. You were meant to move, act, fight, protect, love, nurture, provide, and defend. You know it by a feeling deep in your bones as if the voices of those past are ever present... reminding you, beckoning you, encouraging you. 

Answer The Calling and forever change your life, body and results.

Challenge your mind and body as you prepare for our live events. Your mental & physical fitness journey begins with food & workouts that scorch fat & shred your muscles...you were born for this. 
You will only see success with Fitness DNA when you are TOTALLY COMMITTED to taking control of your heart, mind and body. Only when this becomes a MUST will you achieve what you were born to do.

Fitness DNA is not for everyone. Some say they are ready and do nothing. If you choose not to join and HIDE, we get it, most men are not prepared and are unwilling to stand up and be accountable.

We expect you to be different and take action! If you change nothing, nothing will change.
Wake up! You know you’re better than what you’ve become. You didn’t peak in high school or college. You know there’s more.
The time for wearing t-shirts in the pool, calling your friend to help you move something, carry your kid upstairs or to even face mortal danger is over! It’s over! But you haven’t been sure what to do or even where to start. You are in the right place brother, but...you must decide that you want more.

It all starts with a decision, right here and right now!
  • Quit Making Excuses & Decide to Become More Than You Are Now
  • Enter Your Email Below: Get a Free Trial of Our State of the Art Fitness and Nutrition App, First Gut Busting Menu Plan and Introductory Workout
  •  Nothing Will Change Until You Make A Decision: We have the systems and mentorship, you just must make the decision to join us. 
  • Eat More: If you want to have a strong body, you better eat. We provide you the menus, all you have to do is eat and fuel your muscles.
  • Move: Stop with the excuses, you were meant to move. We show you how to get more lean muscle and shred fat, you provide the will power.
  • Prepare to Defend: Complete a 56-Day Plan to change your heart, body and mind that will get you ready to attend the adventure of a lifetime with our Alpha Tactical Challenge.
  •  Work & Relationships: A strong, ready body will give you more confidence with work, relationships and life. 
  •  Alpha Challenge: Our challenges are optional, but once your body is strong, you must test your mental strength by attending an Alpha Challenge. Learn what it's like to work with someone who "has your six."
  •  Invite & Mentor: Once you've proven you are Fitness DNA material, we invite you to mentor new brothers. 
I’m in shape and I look good. So?! What use are you to anyone in an emergency? Someone is trying to break into your home. The police aren’t fast enough. Your kids are sleeping down the hall. How’s the bench press coming in handy for you now?

You can be ripped and run a 5k without a problem and still be in big trouble. Most men have forgotten how to compete and respond under duress. Change that!

Elite military forces, police personnel and even business groups have trained at our 30,000 square foot facility that houses the Scenario Village, Bank Robbery and Active Shooter training, low light structure and even Home Invasion training.
This facility offers self-defenders a place to receive training that helps develop skills, confidence, and the self-empowerment needed to properly defend themselves and their families in the event of an attack.

It doesn’t matter if you are professional or if you have never held a gun, this is a training unlike anything you have experienced.

To qualify to attend one of our Alpha Tactical Trainings, you must complete a 56-day Body Transformation Challenge which will prepare you mentally and physically to meet the minimum Fitness DNA requirements and prepare you to perform under pressure.
Men have become weak. It’s time to bring back the man that protects his family, respects his spouse, provides for he loves and is mentally and physically ready. The true man within you is ready. Don’t ignore it.

Get out of your way and become unconquerable as you were meant to be. It’s in your blood! It's fun and it's fulfilling.
This isn’t about just about looks...you can go to the gym for that. We want you to look good. But why? What’s the point?! This is about living to be ready! This is about achieving and becoming more. This is about having the stamina to be ready for anything life throws at you.

Go time! It’s time to rise up and honor those who came before. It’s time to get your mind right, your body fit and your instincts honed. We know you. We are you. We invite you to heed the calling and act!

Admit it! Being flabby, tired, saggy and feeling weak sucks! Together, we’re going to do something about it. Fitness DNA will get you ripped, but more importantly functionally fit...and ready to PERFORM. Fitness DNA’s Total-Body Transformation addresses three key areas:
  • Mindset: If you are not committed, nothing we teach you will mean anything. Mindset is the number one ingredient to being unconquerable.
  • Workouts: Fitness DNA workouts can take you from zero to hero. Learn to shred your body and torch calories while eliminating all the guesswork on where to start, what to do, what to eat, etc.
  • Eat More, Not Less: You’ve been lied to. Less is not more. To get the body you need and want, you have to learn when to eat, how to eat and what to eat. You want to be unstoppable, learn to feed your muscles.
You don't have the metabolism of a teenager any more, but you CAN have the body and energy you want when you understand the right workouts and the foods to power your body.

We will help you jumpstart your body, get moving at high levels, and actually have the energy to do what you want, when you want.

We will help you pack on muscle, increase your natural testosterone production so you can gain more lean muscle naturally and perform at levels your were born to achieve.

To shred your body, become seriously strong and unstoppably fit, you must eat.
To perform, you must have the right amount of carbs, fats and proteins. Without these, you’re worthless to anything physically demanding.
Fitness DNA's philosophy on food is simple and effective.
A full 80 percent of what we teach you to eat is whole and minimally processed foods you like. 10 percent will come from whole and minimally processed foods you don’t necessarily hate, and 10 percent can be anything you want...seriously, anything
We will show you how to torch fat and build lean muscle starting with your food. 

We will show you how and when to eat delicious but healthy foods you already like, such as nachos, hamburgers and even waffles.
Members receive:
  • Weekly Fat Torching Menu Plans
  • Weekly Muscle Shredding Workouts
  • Weekly Self-Defense Tips
  • Access to Fitness DNA private community:
     • Fitness Leaderboards
     • Fitness Challenges
  • Fitness DNA apps
     •  Fitness Tracking and 1000’s of workouts
     •  Nutrition Tracking
  • Discounts on:
     • Personalized Nutrition Plans
     • Fitness Plans
  • Eligibility to attend Alpha Challenges & Tactical Training
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